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Does the Euro have a future?

a conversation with Boris Vujčić, governor of the Croatian National Bank

We have the honour to announce our next guest speaker: The Governor of the Croatian National Bank, Boris Vujčić. For seven years he was Croatia’s deputy chief negotiator leading Croatia to EU accession in 2013. Since then, he has worked as the Governor of the Croatian National Bank and designed Croatia’s strategy to join the Eurozone. According to the magazine The Banker, Boris Vujčić was the Best European and Global banker of 2018.

Boris Vujčić is thus perfectly placed to answer all questions about the future of the European currency, the most ambitious European integration project of the last generation. What is the future of the Euro? How stable is the financial system in the Eurozone? Why is it in countries’ interest to join the common currency? Does the current economic crisis pose a threat to the financial system? What role can central banks play in the economic crisis of the pandemic? How has joining the EU impacted Croatia, and is there a future for European enlargement? 

We are looking forward to discussing these questions and more with Boris Vujčić next week! If you are curious to learn more about Croatia, the Euro and the role of central banks during the pandemic, then join us next Monday, February 15th, from 15.00-16.30 for an interesting debate!

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