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Threats and opportunities of artificial intelligence - the Future of a digital Europe?

a conversation with Karen Melchior, Danish MEP for Renew Europe

For our next event, we have the pleasure of welcoming Karen Melchior, a Danish member of the European Parliament for the Renew Europe group who has also worked as a Danish diplomat for over 10 years. As a member of the European Parliament Karen Melchior is specialized in digitalisation, data protection and equality. She is actively involved in the legislation process on digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The digital era in Europe brings about both possibilities and risks. On the one hand, the digital transformation can create more inclusive democratic conversations and participation with access to information, knowledge, culture and education. On the other hand, the lack of regulations of new technologies or Big Tech companies can pose a threat to our democracies. For example the use of personal data to influence elections and the way big data can reinforce inequality and discrimination.


What are the biggest threats we face in the era of digitalization? How can we defend our rights to data protection against Big Tech companies? How can we protect our democracies against digital treats? What can the EU do to regulate the digital transformation and use of artificial intelligence while also protecting our fundamental rights?


We are looking forward to discussing these questions and more with a renowned expert in the field. Join us on 24 May to find out more about the digital transformation of Europe and the role of the EU in protecting our rights as citizens

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