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Is European Identity Under Attack? Lessons from Brexit and the Danish Debate on the EU

a conversation with Stine Bosse, president of the European Movement Denmark

For our next event we are honoured to welcome Stine Bosse, the president of the European Movement in Denmark since 2015 and a successful Danish (British) businesswoman. In 2010 the Financial Times named her one of the most influential businesswomen in the world. Since then she has been chairing the boards of many companies, including Allianz Group.


The European Movement (created in 1947) is the largest pan-European network of pro-European organisations. One of the first achievements of the movement was the creation of the Council of Europe (in 1949) and the “Collège d’Europe” in Bruges. Today it has 39 national offices and regroups 36 International Associations. Their goal is to inform the debate around the EU, involve European civil society in the discussions that affect them and influence decision-makers in EU capitals. According to Stine Bosse “Europe must be part of our inner identity.”


How do you inform citizens about the EU? Which topics matter most to EU citizens? Why is it important how we communicate about the EU? Is there such a thing as common European identity emerging? What is the debate on this in Denmark today? And does the failure to foster such an identity in Britain explain Brexit? Also, to what extent is the argument for Europe based on economic interests and the promise of more prosperity? Is business a natural ally of a European identity?


Join us on Saturday 27 April at 17 (CEST) to discuss these fascinating issues with an influential figure in the world of business and european affairs. This event is organised in collaboration with the European Movement Denmark and is supported by Europanævnet and Tuborg Fondet

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