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Climate change and the loss of biodiversity: is Europe losing the battle? A view from the European Parliament. 

17 November, 16:30-18

Between 2013 and 2018 European forests’ capacity to store carbon has declined by 28%. This is disastrous in a time in which we desperately need to reduce our carbon emissions. 


How is the European Union dealing with this biodiversity loss? Is the Next Generation EU fund adequately addressing the needs of nature and climate mitigation goals? 


How can citizens help create the political will required to deal seriously with the many environmental and climate challenges we are facing today? How can climate activism translate into action in politics? 


To discuss the main challenges facing EU policy on biodiversity and climate change we have the pleasure of welcoming a Slovak member of the European Parliament, who influences the budgetary allocations tackling climate change. Michal Wiezik is an environmental scientist and activist turned policymaker who is member of the Budgetary Committee as well as the Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Committee. 


Join us for a discussion on 17 November, at 16:30. Find out more about the European Parliaments work to prepare the EU for a more sustainable future.

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