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Moldova - a European Democracy under pressure

11 May, 16:00 (CET)

Moldova is a small European country bordering Ukraine and Romania, with just 2,5 million inhabitants. Since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the country has been experiencing a number of socio-economic challenges that have regressed it to the point of being ranked as the poorest country in Europe. More recently, the country has elected a pro-European president, which has significantly affected the country’s efforts to free itself from the strong grasp of foreign influence. The country’s political, economic and security challenges have exacerbated since war broke out in neighbouring Ukraine.

Thanks to its pro-European government and its president Maia Sandu, the country gained EU candidate status soon after the war broke out in Ukraine. The move has had a significant impact on the stability of the country, with some of the most notable instances being the Russian-backed anti-government protests that have taken to the streets.

This situation raises various questions such as: What are currently the biggest domestic challenges? Is the recently gained EU candidate status a historic opportunity for Moldova? What should the West do to support Moldova?

Our guest, Paula Erizanu, is a journalist and writer from Moldova. Her writing focuses on Moldova, Romania and more generally Eastern Europe with a focus on politics, culture and the arts. Her work has been published in the Financial Times, The Guardian, BBC News.

With her we will discuss the current situation in Moldova, as well as questions related to her work such as: Why is it so important to underline Moldova’s, Romania’s and more generally Eastern Europe’s cultural visibility abroad? How did the war change her work focus? How has she been working in order to get some unheard voices to the foreground?

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