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Is EU foreign policy more than words? Where can it make a difference?

27 October, 16-17:30

How can the EU ensure a stronger position in a multipolar world that defends and promotes EU values and interests? Composed of 27 member states with different foreign policy traditions and concerns it has always been a challenge to speak with one European voice in global power politics. Some argued that the EU should have an increased military capacity, while others defend the EU’s focus diplomacy and soft power. Some member states have pushed for sanctions against aggressive EU neighbours, while others have urged for more dialogue. In which fields is a common EU foreign policy possible today? And is it important to speak with one voice?

To discuss the future and main challenges of the EU’s foreign policy we have the pleasure of welcoming a member of the European Parliament David McAllister, who is chair of the Foreign Policy Committee. This Committee is responsible for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the European Security and Defence Policy. 

What are the biggest security threats the EU is facing today and how can we address them? Which role can EU foreign policy play in preserving peace, democracy and human rights on the European continent? How can the EU use foreign policy to address the biggest global challenge in history - climate change?

If you are curious to find out more about these questions, join our discussion with one of the most experienced politicians in the European Parliament, David McAllister, next Wednesday, 27 October at 16:00!

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