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Who Should protect European Values?

11 November 2022, Europahuset

Executive Summary

During this event, we discussed values, enlargement and geopolitics with Rasmus Nørlem Sørensen, Chief Analyst in DEO - Demokrati i Europa and Morten Helveg Petersen, member of the European Parliament for Renew, during an EDI debate in Europahuset, the house of the European Parliament in Denmark. Who is to be guardian of European values, and why does the protection of the rule of law in individual member states matter for all of Europe? We also discussed enlargement of the EU from two standpoints: a value-based approach versus the geopolitical and strategic approach. Moreover, we discussed the crisis in Moldova, and the Commission's newly announced additional energy support package of €200 million to meet the country's gas supply needs - and why it matters for the entire Union. 

European Youth Event
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